Urn Vaults

Elite Urn

When you choose the Trigard Elite, you choose the strongest and most beautiful cremation urn vault available today.

The beauty is undeniable, when you see the hand-crafted metal interior and cover. Choose stainless steel, copper or bronze. Personal photos, emblems or words of endearment can be added to the metal cover.

The attractiveness continues when the classic lines are paired with a simulated stone finish. Choose from simulated white marble or rose granite.

Beyond the appearance, the Elite provides ultimate protection. From the reinforced concrete core to the external high impact polystyrene layer, the Elite provides the highest level of structural integrity.

Reflection Urn

There is no denying the beautiful luster of Trigard’s Reflection ® cremation urn vault. The base is texturized and hand-painted to reflect light, creating an attractive shine. The beauty of metal continues in the interior, where it adds another layer of protection.

Complete the look with a matching, metal cover. Choose stainless steel, cooper or bronze. These fine metals are a wonderful background for personal photos, military honors or words of endearment. Combined with a reinforced concrete core, the Reflection is a picture of enduring strength and beauty.

Aegean Urn

The classic beauty of carved stone makes the Aegean® cremation urn vault one of Trigard’s most popular choices. Families can choose from simulated rose granite or white marble finishes. Intricate moldings and decorative corner columns complete the timeless look of this vault.

This simulated stone exterior is also another layer of protection. When combined with Trigard’s patented arched, reinforced cover, the exterior increases the structural integrity of the urn vault. The Aegean represents a leap forward in protection.

Aegean Healing Tree Urn Vault

Our Aegean® Healing Tree® Urn Vault offers enhanced protection for cremation urns. Each urn vault comes standard with a Memory Ring on the urn vault and extras for the family members to keep.

Standard features also include an immediate and secure seal, interior polymer liner and decorative exterior.

Trilogy Urn

It is easy to reflect a loved one’s style with the many choices available in Trigard’s Trilogy cremation urn vault. Each vault is hand painted. Paint the cover or choose a simulated marble cover.

Choose a textured brown surface or the simulated marble for the interior. The Trilogy urn vault is a concrete reinforced vault with an arched cover, tongue and groove design, tape seal and thermoformed polymer liner.

Millennium Urn

The Trigard Millennium cremation urn vault is a lightweight, presentation-oriented alternative to the heavier and more traditional vault structure. Not only is it attractive, in simulated white and black marble finishes, but it is also reasonably priced and easy to handle.

The Millennium urn vault is large enough to accommodate most sizes and styles of urns. The exterior measures 14.5 inches x 17.5 inches x 13.5 inches. The interior is 10 inches x 13 inches x 10.25 inches.